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by | May 31, 2010 | Perspective | 2 comments

It’s still so clear in my memory, those days and nights of endless research, comparison, and deliberation. There was (and still is!) so much photographic equipment to choose from. It seemed as though when I would finally reach a conclusion, some other factor would pop up, and I’d have to start back at the research stage all over again. But there was one factor of research that made it enjoyable and even sometimes easy. When I could find some photographers website that had a section on equipment reviews and recommendations, I would immediately be rejuvenated because I knew they spoke from experience and unbiased opinion. These sites were oases of information that often helped me make final decisions.

Several years have now past. I’ve been through the decision process many times. It doesn’t seem quite as overwhelming to me any more and I now find it quite enjoyable to talk about the complexities of finding the right product that meets the need the best. Years of random research, continual shooting, and comparing functionality has allowed me to begin to take on the perspective I so desperately needed when I was first starting out.

Without even realizing it at fist, time and experience has thrust me into the position of coaching. While I’m learning, I find it easy to talk and write about the things I have already learned and read about in the past. Sharing experience is the main objective for this blog.  Because of the amount of questions I am now receiving, it is only practical to write my answers on a blog in hopes of helping many in the process of helping one.

Along the side, there are always stories to tell, tips to learn, photo ventures to journal, pictures to critique, analogies to draw, and horizons to expand! Where there is a passion, there is never a lack for things to write about.

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  1. Judy

    I’ve just spent a delightful evening rediscovering and enjoying your blog! You’ve taken some remarkable photos and I find the stories behind them very interesting. I think you should write the next book in the family. Just put this between the covers.

  2. James Staddon

    Thanks for your encouragement, Aunt Judy! I am looking forward to the day when the information from this blog will be compiled in a coffee-table book, photography handbook, or some other publication.


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