Lighting Q&A – Part 2

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Continued from Part 1 . . .

But the 180 didn’t come over night. There are a lot of things to consider when using a speedlight. Bounce flash only works on white, or light colored walls. I was caving in Tennessee not too long after getting the flash, and figured I could get some cool, directional lighting pictures. Well, I was wrong. Without bounce flash, I had to resort to the direct flash of the speedlight_00197 The cave walls soaked up the flash like I couldn’t believe. Bounce flash also doesn’t work very well on wood. We have a wood ceiling in our living room at home and I remember the very yellow complexions everyone had (during a family portrait shoot) from the wood-bounced flash. Bounce flash does work on high ceilings if your flash is powerful enough and the ceiling white enough.

There are many factors that play into getting a good exposure with bounce flash that I haven’t the time (or the experience, really) to write here. I am still learning how it all works!

Another thing to consider is investing in a sturdy tripod and portable shutter release. This allows you to set up the camera and take the picture without having to touch the camera.

Well, I hope these thoughts are helpful. In summery,

  • Don’t use the internal flash
  • Set the camera down on solid surfaces if you don’t have a tripod
  • Use bounce flash if you can afford it
  • If you can, use a tripod and shutter release
  • If all else fails, just bump up the ISO!

I’ve purchased all my equipment from online, but usually not without first going to a store to try, feel, hold, or test it out. I have a 430EX speedlight, even though I recommend the more expensive, and more powerful 580EX.

Hope this helps!

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