Finding the Right Camera

by | Aug 17, 2010 | Recommendations | 0 comments

I have often been asked: “What camera would you recommend I buy?”

There is no easy answer. There are dozens of important factors to consider such as what type of photography you want to pursue and how much you are willing to pay. Add to this technical factors such as durability, frames per second, processing speed, sensor size, and screen size, and you’ll find yourself asking: “How do I explain all this in one setting?”

The answer can be found at! I ran across this simple, straightforward website today as I was looking around for a camera recommendation. The site is divided into four sections:

  1. Explore: basic camera reviews
  2. Compare: contrast one camera with any other camera
  3. Learn: simple explanations for camera functions and capabilities
  4. Just Tell Me!: camera recommendations by usability categorization

It is clearly designed for beginners. Most of the camera comparisons are for compact cameras, and they don’t mention anything more powerful than the Canon 5D Mark II. But that’s ok, because most people who are wondering what camera to purchase won’t want anything that powerful anyway.


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