Looking for an Overlook

by | Jun 4, 2011 | Perspective | 1 comment

Just outside of Knoxville, an overpass crosses Interstate 75 at the top of a very large hill. Because I had been on the road for several hours, I decided to take the exit, stop on the overpass and see if it was high enough to see the mountain ranges in the surrounding area. Yes, it was high enough, but there wasn’t much of a view.

6174_Canon EOS 40D, 55 mm, 1-200 sec at f - 11, ISO 200

I put on my flashers, jumped out of the car, and walked around looking for a good overlook. The mountains were there, but it just wasn’t the right spot. That is when a Jeep drove up and the window rolled down to reveal a friendly local who had evidently seen me carrying a camera. “If you drive up the road over there” she said in a southern accent pointing to the small road that wound up beside the highway, “it’s a great spot for pictures.” This was a friendly surprise! I thanked her and hopped in my car to drive over to where she had pointed. What a vista it was!

_Canon EOS 40D, 33 mm, 1-40 sec at f - 11, ISO 200

This occurrence was a good motivation for me to be specific in giving the location of where I find good pictures. Who knows who will be blessed, as I was, by taking a little extra time to give a friendly piece of experience!

6220_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 1-200 sec at f - 7.1, ISO 200

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  1. Allen P.

    Wow, that’s really neat, James!


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