Pic of the Month: June ‘11

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The Bouquet


Perhaps I am becoming superfluous in my posts about the wedding, but so much happened on that day that I can’t but help it. After all, it was the greatest photography highlight of the month. 🙂 I chose this picture because of how different it was than all my other pictures. And perhaps it is different because of how awkward it was to take.

As the assistant photographer, I was there to meet the immediate needs of the main photographer; and, well, the immediate need of the moment was for someone to hold the bride’s flower bouquet. “I guess I don’t mind holding it for you. . . . But wait! That prohibits me from taking pictures. Or does it? If I hold the bouquet just right, I can still get both hands on the camera. But now the petals get in the way. . . .” And that’s when it struck me that perhaps I could creatively include the petals.

Now my problem was getting the “petals” far enough away from the lens of the camera so I could focus on them. After a second or two, I found the fix. Holding the bouquet out as far as I could reach with my left hand (my arm underneath the lens to support the camera while my hand held the bouquet in such a way that positioned the flowers on the right for the best composition), I managed to achieve what I had envisioned. And that, just in time.

This entire process took a matter of seconds. But that’s only as long as ou need for creativity to turn hindrances into blessings.

You can view this album for more pictures of the wedding.

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  1. Robert Staddon

    Kendalyn and I loved this picture, James! It’s wonderful. It looked so perfectly set up that when I saw it I didnt realize it was a split-second composition. Nice job! I am so happy it made your prestigious Pic of the Month! 🙂

  2. Benjamin Cahill

    Ah, I see I never commented on this one!

    This is an awesome example of making the best use of what’s around you, and coming up with a killer photo.

    Great job!



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