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Perhaps you are wondering why I haven’t posted anything for a few days. Well, it’s because I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention on doing design projects for MissionTalk, a ministry that seeks to reduce your cell phone service costs and directs the funds that are saved toward supporting orphans. Orphans in Tijuana Mexico, to be more specific. And it is from that spot on the globe that I am currently writing this post. It was only yesterday that I flew from Washington DC to San Diego and crossed the border into Mexico. To be here in person, to take pictures, to experience what it’s actually like to live here will enhance the design work that I’m doing for MissionTalk. I would appreciate your prayers for safety and productivity, and I look forward to posting more about what the Lord will do over the next 8 days that I am here!

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  1. Laquisha

    A provocative inisght! Just what we need!


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