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A Restful Afternoon


The afternoon was gloriously peaceful as I strolled along with my family down a country lane after a short hike to a quaint, yet picturesque little waterfall in the valley. We were visiting friends in Canada near Peterborough, Ontario. Down by the waterfall, the dense forest of northern conifers and hardwoods lent to a shadowy, almost mysterious ambiance; but up here, on the ridge of the hill, the late afternoon sunlight sent it’s golden shafts through the forest canopy, filling the atmosphere with a peaceful glow.

As we sauntered past a small clearing where this Thomas-Kinkade-like home sat bathed in light, I couldn’t help but notice the accented colors in the backlit scene. The trees broke the directness of the sun just enough to dissipate any glare from the sun while they still let in enough light to set everything aglow.

Setting up the camera and choosing an appealing exposure wasn’t difficult due to the generous amount of available light. This gave the image sharpness and clarity, adding to the vibrancy and hominess that were all factors in why I chose this picture to be one of only 12 pictures for the Lenspiration 2012 Calendar, now available for purchase online at Lenspiration.com.


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