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Cold of Snow


When West Virginia gets snow, it usually doesn’t stick around unless it’s January or February, the coldest part of the year in the Appalachians. And when it comes, it transforms the dull, brown landscape into an incredibly beautiful winter wonderland.

I remember taking this picture back in 2007. It hadn’t been snowing for long, but it was one of those days when you knew it would snow for a long time. The snowflakes were small, the wind was crisp, and the clouds in the sky lay solid as a slate. Bad news for most folks, but as a photographer, I guess I’m not normal. It is not often that I take pictures while the snow is falling, but in this situation, I was in a sheltered area and could take my time without taking precautions for the protection of my camera. I experimented a bit with flash to capture the falling snow, but I found that a shutterspeed of 1/8th second captured the movement best without making the flakes too obvious or too camouflaged.

As I was quite close to the refuge of a warm interior (and thus not quite aptly dressed for the elements of the not-so-warm exterior), I took just enough time to capture what initially drew me out into the cold, and promptly returned to the cozy interior of my abode when I was satisfied. And yet, the decisive decision to leave temporary comforts produced one of only 12 pictures chosen for Lenspiration’s 2012 Calendar, now available for purchase online at Lenspiration.com.


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