Just Added: a New Category of Posts

by | Feb 16, 2012 | Updates & Opportunities | 0 comments

Drum roll, please!

Having critically thought about how each post on this blog is organized, I have determined it most advantageous to create a new category of posts which I now officially announce as, Impressive Places.

My hope is that the creation of this new category (and the slight rearrangement of the others) will assist readers, photographers, and adventurers alike to speedily emerge themselves in the forest of posts most agreeable to their tastes, interests, and purposes for traversing to this site.

So, swing on by the new arrangement of blog.lenspiration.com posts and enjoy the detailed (and some not-so-detailed) explanations of some impressive places in God’s creation that I’ve blogged about for the past one and a half years!

5762_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 1-125 sec at f - 8.0, ISO 200

A list of blog categories:

Impressive Places – Observations on particular places that have singly impressed me, whether immensely or moderately.

Perspective – The bigger picture on photography and desktop publishing.

Pic of the Month – In-depth observations on my monthly favorites.

Recommendations – Remarks on why I do, or do not, recommend various photographic paraphernalia.

Stories & Expeditions – Explanations for the predicaments I get myself into while living the adventurous life of a photographer.

Tips & Tricks – Sharing my experiences in as practical a way as possible.

Updates & Opportunities – Updates on my whereabouts; opportunities for your interaction with Lenspiration.

Uncategorized – These posts are still very interesting to read; it’s just that I forgot to assign them to a specific category . . .


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