Remnants of A Bygone Era

5580_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 1-400 sec at f - 8.0, ISO 200

There’s something about this image that speaks of mysterious emptiness. Uninhabited dwellings, girded in wintery vesture, showcasing nothing more than the antiquated existence of a bygone era. Even the composition itself speaks of vacancy, each component leading the eye into an alleyway that displays nothing but emptiness. The pile of bricks, the sagging deck, the broken wagon wheel; what were once useful elements of every day life are now long forgotten fragments of archaic memories.

But there is one element that might possibly suggest something different. The sun is shining! A sun that will melt transient snow and dispel sheepish gloom. The bricks are not remnants of deterioration, but are simply an unassembled support for a sagging deck. The broken wagon wheel is an unearthed treasure. The empty alleyway is an open conduit for curious historians. This is not the monument of decay, it is the pillar of historical preservation!

There might be more than meets the eye . . . behind what first greets the eye. Though it might not seem like it sometimes, never doubt that he that hath the Son hath life! (I John 5:12)

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