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by | Nov 7, 2012 | Updates & Opportunities | 2 comments

Along with the 2013 Calendar, I’ve been working on making lots of tweaks and updates to the Lenspiration.com website! Here are a few of the more noticeable changes:

  • Extensive keywording – I went through every picture on Lenspiration.com to make sure they are all extensively keyworded. Now you can search for anything from “sunrise” to “sunset” and know you’re not missing anything!
  • New Photo Page view – I combined the Thumbnail Page and the Photo Page so now you can enter a gallery and begin viewing the pictures immediately with just one click. The thumbnails are still there but off to the side now, so you can still scroll through them if you want.
  • New Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icons – I added these icons to each page so now you can share with your friends what you think about the pictures! What’s a website without them anyway?
  • Chronological sorting – When you visit any gallery now, it will sort all the photos chronologically, newest first, so you can view the most recent photos without having to sort through all the photos you’ve already seen.
  • Recently Added photos – On the bottom of the Home Page, you can view the galleries that I have added pictures to most recently. Have you already seen most of the pictures on Lenspiration.com? No worries now! just keep you’re eye on the Recently Added section and it will keep you updated on what’s new.
  • New Pricing Structure – I have completely updated my prices for both prints and downloads on Lenspiration.com to make each image much more affordable. The prices can be viewed quickly too, with a price list displayed on the Photo Page under the thumbnails.

Just for kicks, I added 20+ new pictures from a trip to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada too, so head on over to Lenspiration.com to view the changes and updates!

7403_Saskatchewan River Crossing-Alberta-Canada_Canon EOS 40D, 21 mm, 1-60 sec at f - 11, ISO 200

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  1. Ryan

    Thanks for sharing the new pics! And I like the new photo page view. Keep up the good work!!


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