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Have you ever wanted to set a picture you’ve seen on this website as your desktop background? I am excited to announce that a brand new page on is now dedicated specifically for this purpose! On the new Wallpapers Page, you may download high-res versions of a growing collection of images cropped specifically for todays most popular screen sizes: 5:4, 8:5, and 6:9 widescreen.

One important caveat is that wallpapers are reserved specially for customers who have purchased 10 or more calendars. If you haven’t bought some calendars already, please visit the Calendar Page; the password for the Wallpapers Page will be at the bottom of your receipt.

So, now that Lenspiration wallpapers are a reality, leave a comment on any picture on this blog or website and I’d be happy to add it to the collection! Enjoy!100412-JAS_0314 C

The latest wallpaper of Mount Gould over Swift Current Lake was taken in the wild, northern section of Glacier National Park, Montana. Most visitors take the scenic Going to the Sun Road in the center of the park, but during my visit in October we decided to make the most of every minute by hitting up the northern, central, and southern portions of the park. Having never been there before, we just didn’t know which part of the park was best!

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