Pic of the Month: January ‘13

by | Feb 7, 2013 | Pic of the Month | 2 comments

Sunday Morning


This is a picture of the little church that my family has been attending for the past several years. I’ve always had in the back of my mind to take a nice “portrait” of it, but this has always been difficult because of all the distractions in the foreground and background. The telephone wires surrounding the building are something else! Plus, who brings their camera to church every morning? (Perhaps I should, but that’s another story….) And then, when we go to church in the mornings, there are always cars in the parking lot and it’s generally too late to capture the beautiful light of morning. When we go for evening services, either the sun is in the wrong place, the service is going on during sunset, or it’s already dark when we arrive. Put simply, I’ve generally not been pleased with any of my efforts, though quite feeble I admit, up to this time.

Well, one Sunday morning this past January was different. We arrived early: no cars in the parking lot. It was in winter: the sun was lower later in the day. It was in the morning: the sun was in the right place. We were commencing a vacation directly after church: I had my camera with me!

I can’t say all the distractions were perfectly excluded from the composition, but for me, Sunday Morning is a good enough portrait for leaving the means of meeting the objective solely to chance to assemble. Smile


  1. Barbara

    What a cute little church building! It looks like some of the old ones around here! Great shot James!


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