Another Canvas Sale!

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Hey! Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m running another canvas sale for all images on for the next two weeks. The more I use canvases these days, the more I like them!

Normally, a fine art canvas print from the Lenspiration portfolio is between $200 and $400 depending on the size ordered. Now, until July 13, I’ll essentially be selling canvases for 50% off. I’ll have them printed at

1. Pick a size

2. Pick a Picture

  • Stroll through my online portfolio and pick one or more pictures you want as fine art canvas hanging on your wall. All you’ll need is the filename of the image (eg. 100512-JAS_0587).

3. Place the Order

  • Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the size and filename of the picture you want. I will not place the order until shipping and payment details have been verified.

By the way, these prices are not available if you order the normal way through, so that’s why you have to contact me by e-mail. Make sure to order before July 13!

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