A New Approach to Fashion Photography

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I couldn’t help but ask question after question when I met photographer Germaine Bellamy last week. This solid Christian man isn’t your typical portrait photographer: his family business, Patria Portrait, specializes in fashion and glamour portrait photography. With this genre’s modern emphasis on glorifying the human body, I can’t exactly expect that it would be easy to shoot for the glory of God. However, his incredible creativity, charisma and passion for godliness shines through his countenance and his website! It was a blessing beyond measure to meet another photographer who, for the most part, was not only committed to wholesome photography, but who also has enough gut and vision to go against the grain, be an example of the believers and cast down a stronghold in our culture.

Meet the Bellamy's

Even more excited to me was that he is in the process of developing a series of secular (albeit from a Biblical worldview) courses on portraiture and lighting. As you know, I am not that big into portrait stuff, so I am thrilled that he is developing something along these lines and am looking forward to working with him to promote godliness in our culture in every area of photography.

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  1. Elizabeth Lindsay

    That’s so neat! I actually know Mickaiala Bellamy…she was on my JTTH! 🙂

  2. Sarah

    I know Mickaiala too! I had no idea her father had a photography business though. So neat!

  3. James Staddon

    Yes, very exciting! You never know who you’ll meet in a day.


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