The Key to Orderliness

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I had a lot to unpack today! Last Wednesday, my brother Donald and I drove down to Knoxville, Tennessee, to be a part of the National Bible Bee. I operated a booth for the CAPTURE workshops and 2014 Lenspiraiton Calendars while Donald worked as a runner and volunteer for various aspects of the grand event. My sister Esther came down from Chicago and managed a booth for In The Gap. What fun it was to be working together in ministry again! We got back to West Virginia late last night and you should have seen my room full of the most random things strewn out all over the place. Smile


Primaries stroll in front of my booth on their way to the Opening Ceremony.

But I must say, it didn’t take that long to unpack and put everything away. You’ve probably heard the old maxim about orderliness: a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Well, the key to that is a place for everything! My little room doesn’t have much space to store everything I need for operating a business, storing inventory, and having a place for study and personal belongings. But it works when I have a place for everything. The “putting everything in it’s place” part comes pretty easy after that if I don’t procrastinate.

The same thing is true with my camera bag. I have a special spot for every item I carry around with me. I have one bag for large events or traveling. It fits all my lenses, extra batteries, memory cards, filters, chargers, cleaning material and everything I need on the road. I have a second bag for day trips or short excursions. I don’t need all that extra stuff with me, so I just transfer over what I really need and just use that. But I know exactly where to transfer it. Everything has a special place in each bag. It keeps my camera bag—and life in general–simple and orderly. And it certainly cuts down on the stress!


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