I’m getting back into the swing of things after spending the Christmas week with some great friends in North Carolina! Of the many activities, I would say the things I enjoyed most were taking pictures with David, learning from Mr. Stelzl’s business experience, and playing Catan late into the night.

But back to why I’m actually writing this post. Something happened for the very first time in my life this year…and just in the nick of time to be in “this year”. My inventory of Lenspiration calendars actually ran out before the New Year! If you’re still looking to buy some, I’m sorry; you’ll just have to wait until the middle of January when I’ll print a very small batch to fulfill all the late-comers.

Or maybe you won’t have to wait…. I helped a photographer friend of mine named Ezra put together some of his own 2014 calendars earlier this year. I heard the other day that he still has some in inventory, so if you’d like to get a different sort of calendar, and get it faster, or if you just want to support another budding photographer, shoot him an email: [email protected]. He’d be thrilled!

Ezra Morley 2014 Calendar

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