The Beauty of God

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Enough posts about updates and opportunities. Let’s enjoy some new desktop background and some spiritually thought-provoking perspective on beauty. I chose the following images from an excursion to the West Coast a while back because they hint especially well of God’s incredible creativity, beauty and love.

Jungle Flow
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9398_JAS_Portland-Oregon-USA W

The following insights are from an article from by Jesse Jost. “If you grew up in a Christian home, you probably have heard many times how we need to put away our idols and love and worship God instead. But if your Christianity is based on your efforts of self-improvement, you will always fail miserably in this area. It is impossible to create the feelings of love and adoration in yourself. If you are taking inventory of your heart and looking inside, you will not find love for God. Love and worship can only be found in having our eyes opened to the goodness and beauty of God. . . .

Layers of Solitude
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2508_JAS_Lee Vining-California-USA W

“. . . Our love for God grows as we are grateful and count our blessings, when we take a walk in nature and admire His creation, and when we meditate on His love letters for us found in the Bible. We can only love God when our eyes are on Him.”

California Coast
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154789_JAS_Trinidad State Beach-California W

And in conclusion to an article giving balanced perspective on emotional purity, “Navigating the world of interactions with the opposite gender can be awkward and confusing. Your heart will always be on the lookout for someone to latch on to. That is the way God made you. He said it is not good for us to be alone. Don’t try to control your heart or interactions simply with rules. Your strong desires need to be captivated by God, entranced by His beauty. This is not a picture of striving and self-flagellation. We all crave beauty. God and the gifts He gives us are the most satisfying sources of beauty available. This love for God does not mean you will no longer crave human love. These desires are good and beautiful in the proper place. What it means is you have a true Friend with whom you can be open and honest about all your struggles and to whom you can turn when there is no one else to turn to.”

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  1. A. Davis

    Link to the article was very good; convicting and challenging.


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