A Valentine’s Day Idea

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Do you  have an email account? Are you subscribed to various promotional email lists? Are those promotional emails all decked out in pink and red, love and hearts?

If you’re like me, you glance over them before hitting the delete button (if you even open it), right? Well, one promotional email today stopped me. It wasn’t what they were selling. It was the graphic they used in the email. I thought it was so wholesome! It made me smile, and I thought how nice it was that a mainstream businesses didn’t think it was necessary to rely on sensual (or depraved) imagery and graphics to advertise their product.

Here’s the graphic:

Canva promo

So after smiling and thinking, I deleted the email.

But then I got an idea. Why not tell them that I like it?

There is so much garbage used in advertising today and it is a good thing to speak out against it. But it is better to thank people for when they do something good and pleasing to God, whether they know it is or not.

So, I un-deleted the message and sent a “Thank You” email to their “Customer Happiness Team”. I said something like this:

Hi Canva team,

I just received your promotional email “Create Infographics with Canva”. I just wanted to say “Thank You” for choosing a graphic in in the email that promoted a wholesome, discreet, and family-friendly message that makes me want to support you and recommend you to others! Thanks again. –James

I don’t know; it was something like that. Whatever was going through my head at the moment.

But this was their reply:

Canva Ivan

I have no idea if my two-cents will make any kind of an impact, but it has at least effected one person. Ivan. And if not Ivan as a customer support agent logging hours at work, Ivan as a person. A person made in God’s image, with a conscience, with a family, with an intellect and belief system all his own that I hope has been sprinkled with some salt and light.

Deleting “junk” emails from your inbox? Think twice. Scan for wholesomeness and shoot off a “Thank You” email to let others know that you are grateful for integrity in the business world.

Let’s make a difference this Valentine’s Day, one “junk” email at a time!

And why not do the same thing all year long? Put some purpose into weeding out all those promotional emails. 🙂

9996_Many Glacier-Montana-USA_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 1-8 sec at f - 11, ISO 100

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