The 2016 Calendar Process

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Hey everybody, thanks for helping me choose the pictures for the 2016 Lenspiration calendar!

Of the 66 pictures to choose from, I narrowed it down to the top 12 and have now started to work on incorporating those pictures in to the rest of the calendar.

It’s quite a process! After the pictures are chosen, a theme has to be decided upon, a cover has to be designed, hymns that match the pictures and verses that match the hymns have to be chosen, each cutout has been be chosen and cut out, and last but perhaps most important, the dates, holidays, text and styles all have to be updated or tweaked to match what’s appropriate for the year 2016!

Once the design is done, though (which it almost is!), I can send it out to be proofed, printed and added to the Lenspiration website. It’ll be up online soon!

2016 L Ad calendar

2015_Lenspiration web9

2015_Lenspiration web10

2015_Lenspiration web11

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