The “Morale Booster”

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Remember the image submissions I was seeking earlier this month? For the ITG calendar?

In the post, Do You Have a Picture that Might Look Nice in a Calendar?, I asked the PRO members if they had any pictures they thought would look nice in a calendar in exchange for a $10 payment.

Well, the opportunity is officially closed, all 12 images have been chosen and I thought it would be appropriate to share (with permission) a few comments from one of the photographers whose submitted images were chosen. Even though Dan essentially earned five months free on the PRO Membership, I find it interesting that Dan focused more on Shoot to Serve as a “morale booster” than anything else:

As far as motivation is concerned, I think [Shoot to Serve] not only gives added incentive to take great pictures, but also it is kind of a “morale booster” if that makes sense. What I mean is that if I take a picture that I think turned out pretty good, I still kind of wonder what other people think when they see it. Having a picture actually chosen for a calendar project helps me to realize that I’ve been able to capture a scene in such a way that others find it appealing, and that it’s not just simply something that suits my personal taste or just a picture that my friends feel inclined to compliment me on just because they like me. 🙂

[Shoot to Serve] definitely adds value to the PRO membership . . . It was a great opportunity and I hope there will be more such opportunities in the future!

I hope so too! I’m praying for more opportunities like the ITG calendar to add to Shoot to Serve, and if anyone out there knows of someone who has a need for photos . . . don’t hesitate to have them contact Lenspiration!



Photos by Nasa



Photos by Dan

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