5 Reasons Why the Printed Calendar Isn’t Extinct Yet

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Updates & Opportunities | 1 comment

With electronic calendars on mobile devices as the norm these days, have you ever thought about why there are still printed calendars around? Here’s my list of 5 reasons why I think people still like to use printed calendars.


1. It’s easier to write on paper than on a mobile device

Well, I guess that’s not quite a fair comparison, but I think it’s funny sometimes when I’ve got my cell phone up to my ear and the person I’m talking to asks me to remember a specific time on a specific date with specific specifics . . . I have to ask them to pause a sec, turn the phone on speaker, open the calendar app and type in the correct information. Seriously, I think picking up a pen and scribbling some hieroglyphics on printed calendar mid-sentence is a whole lot easier (as long as I don’t forget where I wrote it down).  🙂

2. Some people like it the old fashioned way

Once I had a client who asked me to take some pictures for them using black and white film. Yeah, like with real film and a real film SLR! No digital allowed. It was a unique experience, but just to say that not everyone in the world is handcuffed to their mobile devices or running in the rat race of the technology age. As I’ve been traveling around the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of printed calendars hanging around, and all marked up too, like they were actually used. I guess there’s more than one way to run the rat race.  🙂

3. It’s nice to take a break from looking at a screen

Practically everything I do these days is done using a screen of one sort or another. And screen-induced eye strain has been a topic of discussion for over 20 years. Along with “blinking” and “increase viewing distance” while working at a computer to decrease eye strain, we should add “hang a printed calendar beside your computer” to the list.  🙂

4. It adds some variety to the fine art hanging on your wall

When I see a calendar hanging on a wall or a bulletin board or on someone’s refrigerator, more often than not I go up and flip through it to look at all the beautiful pictures. I study a shot for a while to try and guess what Country, State, Providence or National Park it was taken in. A printed calendar may not spark the same level of inspiration that a framed print that covers half of your wall might, but a calendar, especially a good one, sure does offer more variety.

5. Calendars aren’t extinct yet because James is still printing them!

Joking aside, if you are like me and think mobile devices are great for work but still like old fashioned things, or want to take a break from looking at a screen for everything, or simply want to add some variety to your bulletin board, be it known unto you that the actual, material paper-made product we call the “2016 Lenspiration Calendar” is now available on the Lenspiration Store!

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Perhaps you know of other reasons why folks still use printed calendars?

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  1. Esther

    James, I just went to the store page and saw the 2016 calendar! It’s beautiful! I love it! Incredible pictures! Just the thing I want to have hanging on my wall.


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