Answering the Most Common Question, Once and for All!

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“What camera should I buy?” Have you asked yourself this question before?

I certainly did when I was first getting into photography! And guess what? I still do. Because cameras get old and upgrades are required sometimes.

There’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer to this question. But we all know the answer that we want . . . “The camera that’s right for you!” Yes, that’s what we all hope for, but practically, how do we actually figure that out?

I believe both beginners and pros alike can figure out for themselves just exactly what camera is right for them by following 10 basic principles that I outline, consider and test in my latest, comprehensive, 100-page ebook, Photography Buying Guide, using principles to find the equipment that’s right for you.

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Because principles apply across the board, these 10 steps works for buying anything photography related . . . camera, lens, tripod, speedlite, software . . . you name it! Never let your potential be hindered because of indecision ever again.

The own-it-yourself, read-at-your-leisure, electronic ebook version of this in-depth, written-from-experience material is available here on the Lenspiration Store for $29.95. If you buy it and don’t feel it was worth your money (whether you read through the whole thing or not) contact me via the Contact Page and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

I’ve spent years developing and honing this information. I really think you will benefit from it.

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Photography Buying Guide (large)

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