Finding Fall Color on Old Rag Mountain

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Fall is coming! And yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a quick hike with friends up Old Rag Mountain, one of the most strenuous yet beautiful hikes in Virginia.

I’d been looking forward to this hike for a few weeks, and was expecting some autumn color to be prevalent in the Shenandoah at higher elevations.. Perhaps not peak color, but being early October, I figured the colors would be coming along pretty well.

Well, it was obvious when we arrived that peak color hadn’t arrived yet. Everything was still quite green. So green, in fact, that it didn’t look like October at all! They say the fall colors are coming on a little slower than normal this year.

161010-James Staddon_0117

161010-James Staddon_0156

161010-James Staddon_0153

This can be a little discouraging sometimes, expecting one thing and getting dished out something else. But instead of being discouraged, I wanted to try my hand at utilizing a few different techniques I had been meditating on recently for capturing the unique beauty of early autumn. So far, I’d come up with 10 of these techniques and this was my chance to put them to the test. And I was amazed at how they helped me find the autumn-looking pictures I was looking for!

161010-James Staddon_0205

161010-James Staddon_0172

161010-James Staddon_0173

161010-James Staddon_0145

161010-James Staddon_0213

161010-James Staddon_0137

161010-James Staddon_0226

These shots may not provide the same peak-fall-color feelings that would be easily captured when the leaves are actually in peak color, but I think it’s fun to be on the lookout for what most other people won’t see. It’s a way to make the most of being at the right place at the wrong time. Each of the early-fall-color feeling photos above represent at least one of these 10 techniques. And I look forward to sharing these techniques in the next Making The Most Of Your Vacation video episode, so PRO Members stay posted!



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