Trying Out A New Camera-Carrying System

by | May 2, 2017 | Updates & Opportunities | 0 comments

It’s been a long time since I’ve been backcountry camping! But I’ve been enough times to know that there’s one thing about it that always bothers me….I can’t take pictures while I’m on the trail (with my DSLR of course)!

Most of the big gear is packed away. If I choose to carry in my camera and decide to attach my telephoto lens for the hike in, chances are there will be a wide angle vista around the first bend. Or if I attach my wide angle, chances are there will be some wildlife around the bend!

What do I do? Do I stop and take the pack off and switch lenses? Do I just pass up the picture and make due with what happens to be on the camera?

Well, guess what. This predicament doesn’t only happen when I’m hiking. It happens in places other than on the trail. It happens at weddings, on road trips, while shooting landscape ops, doing events, everywhere! I’m always taking off my pack to access the equipment I need for the moment.

So I decided to try out a new equipment-carrying system. Maybe I’ll give the details about it sometime, but basically, it’s just a heavy-duty waste strap with different sized pouches for different pieces of equipment.

There’s a small pouch for small lenses, a long pouch for zoom lenses, a speedlight pouch for flashes (or filters when I’m not wanting to carry flashes) and a holster for the actual camera itself. I even have a carabiner for randomness, and the tripod actually attaches as well.

And they can all come off and attach to other things… backpack straps! As I sit here in my hammock on this second night of adventure here in Louisiana, I’d have to say it’s working out pretty well so far!

Just remember to put the right stuff in it when you leave, unlike me.  🙂

(Sorry, no laptop to edit my “real” pictures yet, but phones are nice for quick posts like this.)


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