Is This Really What I Think It Is?

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What sort of a building do you suppose this is?

170823-James Staddon_0947

Do you think it could be what I think it is? An old, one room school house?

I saw it setting next to the road as I was driving down the Belmont Turnpike in north-western Pennsylvania near Waymart with my family the other day. Since The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is offering to pay photographers through Lenspiration for pictures of old schoolhouses, I figured it was worth the chance to stop and shoot it. Just in case.

170823-James Staddon_0998

What do you think? Does it look enough like an old schoolhouse that I could submit it for the cover of a magazine? Even after searching around for “Curtis Valley” on Google, I really couldn’t find much more about it than what I’ve told you already. The exact GPS coordinates are 41.678668, -75.411271, awful close to the already-pinned Google Maps location, “Curtis Valley School”.

Perhaps I’ll do some more research on it before the magazine’s submission deadline hits tomorrow at midnight. We’ll see! I really do hope it is an old schoolhouse.

Have your own pictures of an old schoolhouse? Now’s your chance to get paid for them by submitting them here on Shoot To Serve. Deadline is midnight, August 31. That doesn’t give us much time!

170823-James Staddon_0982


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