In the photographer’s pursuit of beauty, he relies on many factors that are outside of his control. Of course, he hopes and plans for conditions favorable to fulfilling his goals But sometimes the conditions are less favorable than expected. Sometimes more favorable.

This is what I love about photography, landscape photography specifically. But it’s also true in all other genres of photography. We plan for the best. Sometimes things turn out worst than expected. Sometimes better!

Regardless, we embrace the unexpected because when we know we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing, and we’re doing it with all our might, then we can leave the results to God.




Behind the Scenes Insights

  • There had been a nice snow but I was so sick that I was hoping it would stick around long enough for me to get better so I could go shoot it when I wasn’t sick. Problem was, I didn’t get better in time. The warmth was coming and I couldn’t stop it.
  • The main reason I wanted to go take pictures was because my brother Jonathan and I wanted to experiment with taking the drone out during blue hour. Our goal was to duplicate those epic shots (and videos) that you see of cold, blue valleys blanketed in deep, beautiful snow, yet filled with cozy, glowing lights!
  • Our plan to shoot blue hour was great because Jon and I could spend most of the day in the office before heading out for a short excursion before dinner.
  • Thankfully, this actually isn’t my “last” opportunity for awesome snowy pictures. It’s still February. Last year, the deepest, best snow we got was at the end of March! (I’m not expecting that to happen again though.) Smile
  • As I remember, the forecast was snow all day, hovering around freezing at the beginning of the day and getting colder as the day progressed. This pattern of warmth moving to cold is fantastic because it means the snow will stick to the trees! I saw this pattern coming and was super excited about it. Excited enough to get myself out of bed and out into the “cold”.
  • Sadly, it didn’t get any colder later in the day, and the snow just turned to rain as soon as we arrived. Evidently, it had been warm enough earlier that day at Lake Floyd to pretty much melt all the snow that had existed in the first place.
  • I wish I had taken pictures while I was there. I’m sure I could have found something beautiful to photograph. I truly believe beauty can be found anywhere. But I think I just didn’t feel like taking anything because I was feeling under the weather, and one of the main factors that perks my artistic motivation is “color,” and needless to say, there wasn’t any of that around. Smile

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