“How You Can Take Amazing Photos in 4 Simple Steps”

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Recommendations | 6 comments

Ultimate Bundles is offering a free Video Series on basic photography called “How You Can Take Amazing Photos in 4 Simple Steps”. As far as I know, it’ll only be available until February 25!

I just finished reviewing it and am happy to say that, based on Lenspiration’s wholesomeness policy, it is Lenspiration-approved! Courtney Slazinik is a good instructor.

The series is made up of 4 short videos:

  • Video 1 – practical tips on how to make sure your photos are always sharp.
  • Video 2 – using natural light indoors and positioning subjects aptly. This one was my favorite.
  • Video 3 – adding variety to your images with basic composition ideas.
  • Video 4 – removing unwanted aspects of your image in editing.

The reason this video series is free is because they are using it to advertise their 2018 Ultimate Photography Bundle. Though I can not recommend all the material in this bundle, my sister and I have been working hard to put together a Wholesomeness Guide designed specifically for it! The Wholesomeness Guide to the bundle will be available to those who use this link to view the video series.

Video series

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  1. Caitlin Compton

    I’ve signed up for the videos and can’t wait to watch them. And, I’m so excited about the bundle! 🙂

  2. Logan Lamar

    I watched all the free videos… but how can I get the Wholesomeness Guide? Do I go to the website through your link?


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