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by | Mar 26, 2019 | Recommendations | 0 comments

I’ve used Google Chrome for a long time. I thought it was the fastest browser out there.

Then I learned about Brave.

Maybe speed-wise they’re exactly the same, but the added benefit of having ad-blocking built-in (along with other random perks) made the decision to switch quite easy. The look and feel is identical. While browsing, I’ve forgotten that I’ve made the switch.


And there are personal reasons I switched too.

For one thing, I got tired of Google’s Google Doodles.

For another, I thought it was kinda neat that the CEO of Brave, Brendan Eich, used to be CEO of Mozilla but stepped down after coming under fire for making a donation for the cause of traditional marriage.

Not to mention, he was the brains behind JavaScript too.

So while Google’s products are great (and I still use a ton of them), if there’s something that works just as well if not better, why not use it?

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