Ever Tried Photographing Photographers?

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It’s time to update the header image on the Lenspiration homepage!

And I’d love to update it with one of your photos!

So hence, the next Shoot to Serve photo assignment! Photographer.

Do you think you can take a really great picture of a photographer? Of course, it needs to be nice and sharp and epic in initial impression, but it will also need to fit within some specific parameters to make sure it will fit with the header text. Those sort of details are on the Photographer assignment details page.


Header guides

But while the technical details are important for helping us know what to shoot and how to shoot it, it’s actually going out and running the photoshoot that is the fun part!

Here’s how my “Photographer” photoshoot went…

I learned that photographing photographers had it’s own unique challenges. It’s somehow different than just photographing someone who isn’t a photographer. Since they are usually the ones behind the camera, they tend to not be as comfortable in front of the camera. And since they are artists too, and their artistic opinions on how to pose or what to do are usually different than my own, it became an art in and of itself to manage multiple ideas without resorting to compromise. To do it their way, and then to do it my way always resulted in better photos I think than trying to do a random mix of both ideas without achieving either idea well. Make any sense? Hard to explain, but there certainly were things I learned by going out and actually doing it myself that I didn’t know I was going to learn!

Going Deeper

In genres of photography that involve photographing rapidly changing exposure situations (ie, the photographer stepping from deep shade into full sunlight) we run into questions:

  • “How do I set up my camera so that I can capture accurate exposure between rapidly changing exposure situations…and to do it quickly?”
  • “Should I shoot in Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority or Manual?”
  • “Should or should I not use Auto ISO?”

The deeper you get into photography, the more you’ll find yourself asking questions about fine-tuning shooting methods for the various situations you find yourself photographing.

From my experience, I would say there a five basic approaches to photographing the situation in question. And of those five, there is one shooting method that works better than the others!

And let me explain why.

In this month’s Premium Training video, How to Quickly Capture Accurate Exposure Between Rapidly Changing Exposure Situations, watch as I test each of the five basic shooting methods, and you’ll see why I recommend the one I do!

Manual with auto ISO (play)

Now It’s Your Turn!

Regardless of what shooting method you decide to use, grab a photographer friend and try your hand at fulfilling this latest assignment! Details on the Photographer assignment page.

And as a heads up, there doesn’t have to be just one winner this time….as many great photos of photographers that you guys come up with that fit well for the main header for the Lenspiration homepage, I’ll pay for ‘em!

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