Very soon after trying to shoot for the “Pure” assignment in the very un-pure looking surroundings that February was giving us at that time . . . it snowed!

So I re-arranged things on my calendar and went out again hoping for some better shots.

And I was kinda surprised.

Just because it was snowing wasn’t making things look pure all of a sudden! It certainly was better, and things were much more picturesque, but I don’t know if anything I took actually looked “pure”. I think it’s because it was cloudy and there was no direct light. Perhaps the impression of purity would be better illustrated with “clear blue skies” to complement perfectly white snow, but it never cleared up so I just had fun shooting anyway.

200207-154336_James Staddon_4568

I think my favorite shot was this one of this gravel road, below, that led into Dog Run. I really like how the two tracks were even, clear, and distinct.

When I was there before, the road didn’t attract my attention. But now it did! I’m always amazed at how various elements can completely transform a location.

Here’s the original, unedited shot:

200207-144905_James Staddon_4485

Even at a +1 exposure bias, I’m amazed how dark it still looks!

When I sat down to edit it, I didn’t feel it needed much tweaking. Sometimes I’ll edit snow pictures to have a very cool temperature, but I didn’t like how it made this picture look fake, the time of day not being near blue hour and the distance of the trees being so close.

200207-144905_James Staddon_4485-3

Sometimes I’ll edit in B&W when there’s not much natural color, but I didn’t feel there was a strong enough of a subject and B&W just made the road blend into the trees.

200207-144905_James Staddon_4485-2

So I just did my normal tweaking.


I felt the road was too much in the center, so I felt like I needed to crop off the right a bit. Don’t you feel the same way? Of course, I cropped it such that the tree on the right was either completely left in or completely cropped out. I decided on a complete crop out.


And that left me with this month’s background wallpaper!

200207_James Staddon_4485 W

First Snow

Dog Run Lake, Salem, West Virginia

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Now, there’s one little detail that annoys me every time I look at the final photo. Is there a tiny obvious something in the photo that your eye almost goes to immediately?

How about that stick laying in the road? It’s the only thing that disrupts the beautiful shape of the road! Of all the millions of sticks in the picture, that one really does stick out.

And now that you see it, you’ll never un-see it. Smile

But I have intentionally left it in there. There’s a lot of analogies with it. Maybe it will be a good reminder to anyone who looks at the picture now to remember that little details in life really do matter. Go spend some extra time with someone or Someone you love this Valentine’s Day. Titus 2:11-14.

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