When What You’re Looking for Doesn’t Exist

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Assignments | 3 comments

This new assignment turned out much better than I expected! Isn’t it great that ideas from sources outside of yourself are often what help you find exactly what you could not find by yourself?

I think it’s interesting how, without my intending it, this video actually illustrated my own personal pursuit of purity. Every day, though I often desire to do what is right, I can not seem to do what is right because I know that in me (that is, in my flesh), there dwells no good thing. No matter how hard I look for purity of my own, it doesn’t exist. Only Jesus is pure. Until I humble myself and let the purity of Jesus be the purity in me that I seek for, I will never find what I'm looking for. It’s total surrender. It’s the Gospel! Christ imputing His righteousness to me, and then me, living that out. True purity, from a source outside of myself.

200201-164629_James Staddon_4423

The final shot, as you can see, is a merge of multiple different shots. I really wanted to make it look like there was an abundance of silver. Kinda hard to do when all you have is one bar, a small stack of coins and few non-silver but silver-looking objects. Smile

This was my base shot:

200201-164629_James Staddon_4423-2

Then I added the “second bar” of silver from this shot:

200201-164709_James Staddon_4425

This is where I got the “second stack” of silver coins:

200201-164742_James Staddon_4426

And these two shots where where I got the “third” and “fourth” stacks of silver coins:

200201-164958_James Staddon_4431

200201-164924_James Staddon_4430

After removing and tweaking the colors in Photoshop, I was fairly pleased with the finished product. I hope it’s artist enough to be used in a calendar?

Though I don’t feel any of the shots I took at the lake illustrate the idea of “Pure”, I figured I would at least show you two shots I took there that I think I actually like.

This first one I couldn’t help but photograph the beautiful textures and shape I noticed in the grass.

200131-180226_James Staddon_4351

I had never tried shooting rain drops like this before, so that was pretty fun too. It was a lot more difficult than I thought though. Smile

200131-182052_James Staddon_4370

Going Deeper

For this assignment, I think I used Manual mode for every single picture I took. How fluent are you in shooting in Manual? In case you’re not already a pro, I figured it would be good to step back and take a detailed look at one of the most fundamental elements of photography in this month’s Premium Training for Lenspiration Members, Everything You Need to Know to Start Shooting in Full Manual.

Full manual (play)

Now it’s Your Turn!

Now that you’ve watched me shoot the latest photo assignment, it’s time for you to get out your camera, flip over to the Manual mode, and go find and photograph something for Pure!

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  1. Dan Cope

    I like the B&W image of Dog Run Lake! I’ve tried to shoot there before but have found it to be a challenging location. In fact I only have one shot from there that I really like and it was taken from the exact same spot as your photo!

  2. James Staddon

    Yeah, it’s not an easy spot. I like that it’s a large body of water though, and feel like if the conditions are right there should be some good shots to be had somewhere. It’s a fun challenge. Have you ever walked around the lake? I’ve only been there a few times and don’t know if there would be another angle that’s better than what you get on the dam.

    • Dan Cope

      Yes I have walked around the lake but didn’t find much to work with. I feel the dam is the best location.



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