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I’ve always been a fascinated observer of the “Creation vs Evolution” debate. Of course, I  believe the Bible is true, but to see ways in which it can be scientifically proven has always been a fun thing for me. Growing up, we would watch Kent Hovind’s Creation Seminar Series. It would teleport me off to far-off places I would dream of going to, like Mount St. Helens and the deep, dark jungles of central Africa, or intriguing places impossible to visit, like the Garden of Eden and the pre-flood world of dinosaurs and long-lost mysteries.

It was rather exciting, then, that soon after moving to West Virginia, we heard that Kent Hovind was going to be speaking nearby. LIVE. So I remember the exhilaration of going with friends from church to hear him speak in person.

After troubles came to the world of Dr. Dino, it was encouraging to hear that his son Eric was carrying the baton with his own ministry, Creation Today. We would sit around and listen to their materials, soaking up the history, facts, and scientific support of the Bible.

But life went on, and the Hovind’s faded into the past.

Then along comes 2019. I’m traveling to conventions and doing lots of Photography Teams. It was my first year with Teach Them Diligently and I was going to all 7 of their conventions.

And guess who else was doing all 7 of their conventions? Creation Today!

So, I got to meet in-person Eric this time. His jungle-themed, dinosaur-infested booth brought back fond memories. And his smoke cannon and science experiments with fire at his booth brought back many photos from the photographers on the Photography Team.

190510-James Staddon-8964

190511-James Staddon-9222

190511-James Staddon-9231

190510-James Staddon-8978-2

After convention season was over, I sent Eric the pictures we had taken at his booth, and asked if there were any others photos that the Lenspirationers could shoot for him. He must have been pretty busy because I never heard back from him.

That is, until I reached out to him again the other week! He put me in touch with his team, and one week from yesterday, we’ll be shooting an official Shoot to Serve photo assignment for Creation Today!

And you just don’t know what we might be shooting for them!

Maybe we’ll be shooting for their webinar ministry. They have Live Webinars every Monday night at 7PM CT, where they do a variety of different conversations with all kinds of creation and Bible experts!

Creation Today web screenshots_1

Or maybe they need pictures for their ministry called Third Day Coffee (named after the Third Day of Creation)!

That’s right. A coffee ministry. They have seven roasts of coffee themed as the seven days of creation. The profits from each bag of coffee shares the Gospel with at least 10 people! It’s an awesome way to evangelize by purchasing something most people would already be buying. How cool is that?!

Creation Today web screenshots_2

Or maybe we’ll be shooting for Creation Minute, an exciting series hosted by Eric Hovind that explores the creation worldview using cutting-edge visual effects and digital technology.

Creation Today web screenshots_3

Or maybe they need something for their exclusive, members-only, all-access on demand content….

Creation Today web screenshots_4

Or maybe we’ll be shooting for some other aspect of their ministry I haven’t mentioned yet!

You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. Smile We’ll announce next Friday exactly what we’ll be taking pictures of for Creation Today!

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