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Welcome! This page outlines the overall details applicable to any Photography Team at any location. While details here may be updated periodically, stay informed of major changes and announcements by subscribing to Lenspiration Updates.


  • Prices vary from location to location. Please visit each location's Photography Team page for specific prices.
  • Tuition includes classroom and personal instruction during the times specified on each location's Photography Team page.
  • Tuition does NOT include general event registration, meals, housing or transportation before, during or after the Photography Team.

Experience Levels

Photography Teams are designed to train photographers to go beyond basic photography knowledge and develop more advanced techniques on how to artistically cover an event.

If you are new to photography, have just purchased a DSLR or mirrorless camera for the first time, or simply want to learn what all the buttons and settings are on your camera and want to be comfortable using it, consider completing the Foundations of Photography Course before attending a Photography Team. You can take the course for free by joining the Lenspiration membership, which is free for the first month.

But what if you have had your camera for a while and want to learn how to effectively cover an event? Perhaps you aspire to be a photojournalist. Want to learn the secrets to capturing sharp, bright, and emotive images consistently, regardless of the lighting conditions? If you are a photography enthusiast or consider yourself to be more at an intermediate level, the Photography Team is for you! Through classroom training, self-guided assignments, and one-on-one critique we’ll walk through how to professionally cover assignments and set up a post-processing workflow by shooting, organizing, editing and submitting images for the needs of the event you’re attending.

Minimum age is generally 15. Please contact James to request exceptions.

What to Bring

Required items to bring

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera.
    No film SLR, hybrid DSLR or point and shoot cameras accepted.
  • Lens(es).
    Bring whatever you have! The best lenses will have the widest apertures, will give you the greatest range of focal length, and will offer Image Stabilization or Vibration Reduction.
  • Camera accessories required for running your camera.
    Memory cards, batteries, battery charger, bag, etc.
  • Laptop computer.
    Mac or PC.
  • Pre-installed photo editing software.
    Adobe Lightroom is highly recommended and will be the platform from which all post-processing training will be presented. You can get a 7-day free trial here when you sign up for Adobe's Photography Plan. Just make sure not to download it so early that the trial expires before the Photography Team ends. Access to the Internet may be limited during the Photography Team, so be sure to have software downloaded and installed before you arrive. You can cancel your subscription to Adobe's Photography Plan after the workshop, and apply the processes you learned with Lightroom to a more cost-efficient method of your choice afterward.

Suggested items to bring

  • External speedlite.
    Not required, but if you have one, bring it! You will find it to be extremely handy.
  • There is no need to bring a tripod.
  • Comfy shoes.

Camera Rental

Lenspiration has equipment available that you can rent for the entire Photography Team on a first come, first served basis. A DSLR camera plus lenses, accessories and a bag can be rented for $30. Send a request via Lenspiration’s Contact page as soon as possible after you have registered for the event. Payment due at Orientation.

Dress Code

The dress code is directed by the policies of the particular event at which the Photography Team is being held. Modest, business-casual attire is always in style. Bring only comfortable shoes as shooting an event always requires a lot of walking. Please visit each event's website or Photography Team page for specific information on dress code.

When You Arrive

When you arrive, make sure you have registered for the general event first.

If you're not sure where or when Orientation will be held, mention at registration that you are on the Photography Team and they should be able to help you. (They may direct you to the Lenspiration or "Photography Team" booth to get this information.)


Photography Team activities will be planned throughout an entire event. However, there will be downtime and you may opt out of some Photography Team activities in order to participate in other aspects of the event if you like.

Here's what a typical schedule looks like in a nutshell:

Orientation: Each Photography Team begins with Orientation on the first day of the event. Even if you may not be able to attend every team meeting throughout the workshop, it is very important that you attend Orientation. Please bring your camera and laptop to Orientation. The time that Orientation begins will be listed on each location's Photography Team page.

Daily Events: A typical, non-first-day includes classroom instruction, assignment shooting, and times for critique. Personal downtime will be scattered throughout the day. While an overall schedule should be listed on each location's Photography Team page, more detailed schedules will be handed out at Orientation.

Conclusion: On the last day, the last group meeting will be held before the general event is over so you can leave immediately if necessary. Your parents are encouraged to attend Conclusion so they can see the results of what we learned during the Photography Team. Time of Conclusion will be listed on each location's Photography Team page.

Classroom Location

The Photography Team classroom location will either be posted on each location's Photography Team page or available at general registration when you arrive. It is generally held at the Lenspiration booth in the Exhibit Hall. 

Family Involvement

Parent/guardians and siblings are more than welcome to listen in on training times and take part in the activities associated with the Photography Team! However, be reminded that the attention and focus of the instructors will be on those who have paid to be on the team.


Q. How do I know if I'm at the right skill level to join the Photography Team?
First, consider the prerequisites. Are you 15 years old or older? Do you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera that you can bring? Will you be able to bring a laptop with pre-installed photo editing software? Secondly, you should be familiar with your camera and how to use it. Are you always shooting in the full auto modes (like the green box, or the little running guy, etc.)? Are you clueless about aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how to get proper exposure? If so, you should consider taking the Foundations of Photography Course before registering for the Photography Team. You can take the course for free by joining the Lenspiration membership, which is free for the first month.

Q. How do I prepare for the Photography Team?
A. After registering for the Photography Team, instructions on how to begin preparing for the Photography Team should be sent to you in your event registration confirmation email. If you are currently signed up for a Photography Team, you can begin preparing at Lenspiration's Photography Team Preparation page using the password provided in the event registration confirmation email.  From a more broader perspective, do everything you can to become familiar with basic photography stuff through your own personal, self-motivated study, research and practice. I suggest finding a photographer whose work you want to emulate and follow them virtually on their blog or through courses they offer or recommend.

Q. What skills do I need to join a Photography Team?
A. A basic understanding of your camera and photography in general, a desire to want to learn event photography, and . . . it doesn't hurt to have some people skills and patience.

Q. Will students be accompanied by an adult at all times?
 No. Though at most events there will be an adult at the Lenspiration booth at all times, adult supervision is not always possible while students are fulfilling assignments.

Q. Are any meals provided?
A. No. The Photography Team will break during meal times.

Q. Can I participate in other activities along with the Photography Team?
If you so choose, there will be downtime and you may opt out of some Photography Team activities in order to participate in other aspects of the event. Most folks who have chosen to participate in other involved activities while doing the Photography Team at the same time have said they would probably not choose to do so next time around.

Q. What if I can’t make it to all the Photography Team meetings?
 Most of the training will build on itself as the week progresses, so each attendee is encouraged to be on time and not miss any meetings relating to the Photography Team. However, if this is not possible, then just attend as many of the meetings as you can.

Q. May I just sit in on instruction times and not participate in shooting assignments?
A. Anyone who has paid the admission fee is free to participate in whatever way they would like, whether it’s joining in the shooting assignments or not. However, keep in mind that much of the learning is in practicing and experience.

Q. What if more than one person in my family wants to attend but we only have one camera and one laptop?
While having one camera and one laptop per person provides the greatest flexibility, you can certainly make one camera and one laptop work between two people if they are willing to share and work their part of the schedule so assignment times do not overlap. The rate per person stays the same.

Q. How will my pictures be used?
A. By registering for the Photography Team, you grant Lenspiration and the event organization that is hosting the Photography Team the perpetual right to use, print, and publish for any purpose all images you submit during the Photography Team.

Q. May I keep the pictures I take?
Yes.  As the photographer, you retain the copyright to all photos you take during the Photography Team, but like everyone else, you are under obligation to abide by commercial use publishing laws. To be safe, you will want to get written permission from all recognizable individuals and owners of recognizable property in a photo to use that photo beyond personal or artistic use. 

More Questions?

If you have not been able to find the information you need on this page or on each location's Photography Team page, please feel free to send questions to Lenspiration via the Contact Page.



  1. Daniel

    It was such a great privilege to work along side with you.

  2. Holly

    Thanks so much for all that you did at the ACTION photography classes in Big Sandy! I learned so many things, but here are a few.

    First, I learned and became more familiar with the settings on my camera. I can now shoot in AV mode with confidence in knowing that I have more control of how my pictures will turn out.

    Second, is lighting. I knew that some lighting was bad and some good, but not how to adjust my settings to deal with the different light situations. What a difference lighting makes! 🙂

    And third, all the editing tips and tricks! I had hardly any clue on how to edit a photo to make it not just great, but excellent! Zyrak was really helpful in that area!

    I really liked the group setting and being able to team up with others to get pictures in one area of the conference. I really loved the whole thing! It was all awesome!

  3. Barbara

    Very nice pictures from the Family Conference. Sorry we could not be there. GOOD JOB!

  4. Melissa

    My 14 year old is so excited she’s getting to do this! Thank you so much for letting her in. We really appreciate it!!

  5. VJ

    Thank you so much for your godly example and sharing your passion for photography with us! I would definitely attend again! I really like your method and how you compare our Christian life to the camera.

  6. Erin

    Thank you very much for teaching this class! I liked the friendly atmosphere, the hands-on experience and the useful tips.

  7. ACTION attendee

    What I liked about ACTION was the easy-going atmosphere, helpful advice, and great people to work with. I think it was helpful for getting into different lighting/environmental situations that forced me to experiment and familiarize myself better with photography settings.

    I appreciate all the hard work that goes on to make this happen. Thank you!

  8. Photographer at HEAV

    The instructors were very helpful in the classroom, and the Level 2 students were always willing to explain settings, etc. outside the classroom. There is so much more out there to learn about photography than one could imagine, and the ACTION team definitely helped me see everything out there. This was a wonderful experience! Thank you to all the instructors!

  9. Hannah

    I appreciate your reminder to think of what God thinks of my pictures, to get His approval and perspective. Thank you so much for giving so much time and energy this week to teach us!

  10. Elizabeth

    I think the biggest thing I walked away with is the feel of shooting an event. I can read blogs, I can watch videos, but neither could replace the experience of being there for myself and getting in on the action. More was covered than I came to the team expecting, and the lessons that Jessi and Mary taught added another level of learning to the Beyond Beginner training.

    The one thing I didn’t like about ACTION was that it was over so fast! I felt like we had only been there for half the time we really were, but I suppose that comes with the pace we were keeping.

    I so enjoyed getting to meet others with a shared interest and getting some hands on training and advice from those beyond my skill level. Yet the way they shared tips and ideas never made me feel put off or like they wanted to roll their eyes at my often simple mistakes.

    ACTION provided me with some much needed experience and a way to get my feet wet working to cover an event without the pressures that would come with trying to do so on my own.

  11. HEAV photographer

    HEAV was a blast! Of all the years my family and I have been going, I don’t think it’s ever whizzed by so fast. The soreness seems to have worn off, next time I’ll be better prepared. And even with all the assignments and editing and such I was still able to meet up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Someday, maybe I can push myself a bit farther as far as getting the best shot goes. Maybe… We shall see. 🙂

  12. Grace

    Thank you so much for your advice, insight, & encouragement in both photography & life & our spiritual walks. God bless your work & ministry!

  13. Rachel

    Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate all that you have taught me and your enthusiastic and encouraging attitude through all of it. I have definitely gained a new perspective! Thank you!

  14. Virginia

    I enjoyed the personal one-on-one training and helping each person with what they were struggling with. I liked all of it! You did a great job and covered everything I was expecting plus more. You are a great teacher! I also liked how it was 2 levels this year!

  15. Grace

    The spiritual advice and analogies are wonderful and can’t be found at most other photography classes so thank you so much!

  16. Wesley

    Before ACTION, I knew essentially nothing about my camera. In just three short days with ACTION, I learned about aperture, ISO, shutter speed, drive mode, focus, white balance, so much more, and how to manipulate these settings to produce a great picture.

    I loved James and his patient, kind teachings, sacrificing himself and his time to make sure we understood a concept or tool on our camera. I would attend again to solidify what I’ve learned and get more hands-on experience opportunity.

    I would recommend it because of James’ teaching skills, for a nice, small classroom experience, and for any level of photographer.

  17. Matthew

    It’s a great learning environment and a crash course in event photo editing. Good environment for gaining experience.

  18. Mary

    I think this was a great experience! You actually covered more than I thought. The picture taking and editing was lots of fun!

  19. Israel

    This was fun. Good practice every day.

  20. Courtney

    I learned more this week than in reading photography books and watching tutorial videos. I liked the hands-on activities! It was a great class were everything was presented exceptionally well. Yes, I would attend again!!!

  21. Lilly

    I honestly didn’t know anything about photography before I came here. The first day I didn’t know what camera I was using. I feel like now I’ve learned enough to take the pictures the way I’d like and keep learning. I like the way it was taught….very personal, one on one if needed… We shot a lot of examples and went over pictures WE took. I just want to say Thank You!

  22. Savannah

    The schedule could have been a little better, but thank you so much! I learned a lot in your workshops!

  23. Paul

    I learned a lot about adjusting my ISO to help take better low light pictures. I also learned a lot about shooting and editing in RAW, which was very helpful. I liked it’s hands-on kind of teaching that enabled me to learn by doing. It was really great!

  24. Maria

    I really appreciated opening with prayer and the Word of God. I think my favorite part was learning how to shoot in different lightings. There could be room for improvement I think, but it was very fun and I really enjoyed the fellowship with the students and guidance from our teachers.

  25. Kalei

    I wish we could have experimented more with flash, but I loved the relaxed feel and I enjoyed having assignments and being able to take as many or as little as I wanted or needed to do. This was a great “boot camp” for photography. I thought I was a beginner, but I wanted the experience of editing for the photography that I do at home. This course has very adaptable for any student, capability or personality.

  26. Allison

    Thanks for making your extra lenses available for use!

  27. Ruth

    I liked the community, meeting other photographers, the fast paced learning, and the days full of photography. I was thinking James would be around a little more, but it worked fine. It was fine, but there could have perhaps been a little more better scheduling of who should go where when.

  28. Hannah S.

    I had an amazing time and learned a lot about photography. Thank you so much for teaching us. I want to explore photography more.

  29. Lyli

    Thank you for teaching me how to edit pictures! I really appreciate the effort you put into this class and teaching us.

  30. Hannah

    It was a great opportunity to keep learning and to be challenged and stretched. Critique was great! I am more familiar with Lightroom, how to get a blurred background, how to use my manual settings and how they work together.

  31. Joyce

    Thank you for coming to Sacramento! I have learned a lot about photography this past week; how to shoot in various modes and settings, how to process photos, etc… However, the most important thing I’ve learned through this workshop is to point others to the truth, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for coming, not just to teach photography, but to glorify God in all.

  32. Hannah E

    What a practical and beneficial class! “Thank you” doesn’t say enough for ALL the time and energy you have invested. I am glad to take home ways to display excellence in my photos.

  33. Shannon

    I now know how to take better pictures in horrible lighting. It was all so good.

  34. Sacramento Photography Tam student

    Thank you for spending the time to teach us. I also really liked the devotions in the mornings.

  35. Reagan

    Zyrek Rules!!!!

  36. Karl

    It was a Christ-centered environment and encouraging. It felt like family. I learned how to get people to pose but mostly had the experience of shooting my first event ever. Thanks to Lenspiration for making this happen! I will be back next year!! Such a blessing!!

  37. Alyssa

    It was fun and enjoyable, I learned a lot, but I won’t be attending again, most likely because, I am graduating year 2018.

  38. Ivy

    There was more to learn than I thought. I am a hands-on person; it would have been (honestly) better for me personally to–rather than listen to talking lessons–have someone explain how to do editing and such while I do it mostly on my own. I usually have to walk through something this complicated several times before I have it down. But thank you for doing the event! I liked shooting and hanging out a lot. I mostly shoot landscapes, telephoto close-ups of flowers, leaves, etc., so this was a good bit of new experience!

  39. Rebecca H

    Before this event, I didn’t have a lot of experience with editing, so learning all the technical terms and how to change certain things was very beneficial. I liked the critique period, so we could hear from a professional’s point of view the good and the bad elements of our photos. I would have liked more instruction on where to go and what to shoot. Maybe make it more like a scavenger hunt. One of my favorite parts was walking around as a group with James and him giving each of us tips on what to shoot and how to better improve the composition. I love hands-on learning!

  40. Ruthie

    I learned so much, and I made friends as well. The one thing which could be improved is maybe trying to not run over on time?

  41. Laura

    The Photography Team was really fun and gave me something to do instead of going to lectures all day. It covered a lot more than I expected, and I hope you come back next year!

  42. Dalton

    It was great to work with a team. We got to use/try equipment we couldn’t afford yet.

  43. Kassia

    Cameras are complicated, but the learning process was simple. I would attend again because I know how to use the camera now and what to take pictures of. The next time I would like to work on honing my skills and take advantage of critique to continue building on what I know. I would recommend adding a “heads-up” reminder that most of your pictures will need to be taken at the beginning because you will be diving into editing later so there won’t be much time left.

  44. Denver CO

    I loved getting to work with everyone on the team. I enjoyed the photo critique and all the tips I learned to improve my photography. I loved have a Christ-centered view of photography woven throughout all the lessons. I loved the whole thing and I can’t think of anything I would change about it.

  45. Brenton

    I enjoyed helping to shoot the convention. It would have been nice to keep going in the class for a couple more days 🙂



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