Assignment Details: The Month of March

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On Assignment: The Month of March

On Assignment: The Month of March

I don’t think we’ve ever done a documentary themed assignment before. So I got excited when Nature Friend Magazine had the idea to publish photo essays of The Month of March in your corner of the world! A demonstration video had to be filmed before March began, so I...

Assignment Deadline: March 25, 2023








Who We’re Shooting for

What They Need

Nature Friend would like to publish some articles in the 2024 March issue of their magazine featuring March-related photos and written stories behind those photos!


Submit a photo essay of what the month of March is like in your corner of the globe!

Artistically document the things that stand out to you during the month of March with your camera, then submit your photos with a written caption, paragraph, or short story that creatively recounts how the photo(s) was taken or narrates the event(s) that took place around the taking of the photo(s).

Kevin, our contact from Nature Friend, encourages photographers to use the associated written text to “give us a reason to want their photographs.”


Special Instructions: Nature Friend is about wild nature! Very rarely do they use domestic animals or pets; obvious zoo backgrounds are not useful to them and photos with fences and buildings in the background are less likely to be used. You may submit multiple photos with your written story. You may submit more than one story.

Orientation: Any orientation or crop ratio is welcome!

Photo Specs: Highest quality possible since being used for printing. Edit your photos however you like. No watermarks.

Assignment Awards: You must be a Lenspiration member to receive an award. 

  • 1st prize - 50% off 3 months of Lenspiration membership, 30 Tips for Perfect Family Photos ($18 value), PLUS a chance to have your story & photos featured in a Lenspiration blog post
  • 2nd prize - 50% off 2 months of Lenspiration membership, PLUS a chance to have your story & photos featured in a Lenspiration blog post
  • 3rd prize - 50% off 1 month of Lenspiration membership, PLUS a chance to have your story & photos featured in a Lenspiration blog post

Special Note: This assignment is a joint effort with Nature Friend magazine. If you would additionally like to submit photos using Nature Friend’s rules (view here), you will also have a chance at winning Nature Friend’s awards! Please note that the same content can not win in both places. So, if you would like to try to win in both places (to receive both Lenspiration and Nature Friend’s awards), you would essentially need to shoot this assignment twice, in two different ways, and submit different content to Lenspiration and Nature Friend.

Disclaimer: Nature Friend may or may not choose to publish the winning submissions. Nature Friend may publish any submissions at any time in the future. You may use the photos you took for this assignment without the permission of Nature Friend.

Submit your High-Resolution Photos

Upload your non-watermarked, high resolution photo(s) to Dropbox.

If using Lightroom, export as DNG and upload those.

Share Low-Resolution Photos

Create a small version of your edited photo(s) to share & discuss with the Lenspiration community.

Share JPGs, less than 8MB each. 1200px longest edge recommended. Watermarks are fine.

Join the Coaching Webinar!

Register to attend the live photo coaching webinar on March 28 at 7 PM (EST).

We'll review photos submitted for assignment, and answer questions asked during the live event.

Not sure how to download or edit your photos? Perhaps you're just getting started in photography. Perhaps you've never downloaded photos onto your computer before. Perhaps you don't have any photo editing software. Don't worry. We're here to help you learn how to do these fundamental processess of digital photography. Reach out to us on the Q&A Forum with your specific need and we'll help you set up a process that will work for you on a consistent basis.

By submitting your photo(s) for this Shoot to Serve assignment, you agree to the terms outlined in the STS Photo Assignment Agreement. The Publisher reserves the right to use any of the photos that are submitted for this assignment.