Assignment Details: Scenes of Faith & Freedom

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On Assignment: Scenes of Faith & Freedom

On Assignment: Scenes of Faith & Freedom

Browsing through the Christian Law Association’s Instagram feed is a feast of scenic inspiration! I love the beautiful photos they choose. It’s the kind of collection that makes me think, “I wish one of my photos could be on there. . . .” Well, it can be! If you...

Assignment Deadline: September 23, 2023








Who We’re Shooting for

What They Need

Photos for their social media (usually paired with a Bible verse), or for their monthly newsletter the Legal Alert.


The Christian Law Association is a legal based ministry who supports people in regards to their religious freedoms. The photos they use most are nature or scenery photos. Anything with a Bible, American flag, or cross will work well for them. Every photo needs negative space so there is room to place a Bible verse.


Special Instructions: CLA is looking for pictures without people or animals, preferably. Again, bonus points if there is a Bible, American flag, or cross in the photo somewhere (or even all three)! If using a flag to illustrate the concept of freedom, it needs to be an American flag, as CLA is based in the US and that would make the most sense to its American audience. Photos could be still life arrangements or epic landscapes. Think "America the Beautiful", or "God Bless America". They look forward to seeing the world through your ideas!

Orientation: Every photo on their social media will be cropped into square orientation, but any orientation is welcome just in case they use it in their newsletter.

Photo Specs: A web optimized photo, .jpeg formats are preferred, edit your photo however you like.

Assignment Awards: You must be a Lenspiration member to receive an award. Each winner will receive a $25 cash prize and a book written by the founder of Christian Law Association, Dr. David Gibbs Jr., called "Understanding the Constitution".

Submit your High-Resolution Photos

Upload your non-watermarked, high resolution photo(s) to Dropbox. You may submit up to 10 photos.

If using Lightroom, export as DNG and upload those.

Share for Discussion

Create a small version of your edited photo(s) to share & discuss with the Lenspiration community. You may submit up to 10 photos.

Share JPGs, less than 8MB each. 1200px longest edge recommended. Watermarks are fine.

Join the Coaching Webinar!

Register to attend the live photo coaching webinar on September 26 at 7 PM (EST).

We'll review photos submitted for the assignment, and answer questions asked during the live event.

Not sure how to download or edit your photos? Perhaps you're just getting started in photography. Perhaps you've never downloaded photos onto your computer before. Perhaps you don't have any photo editing software. Don't worry. We're here to help you learn how to do these fundamental processess of digital photography. Reach out to us on the Q&A Forum with your specific need and we'll help you set up a process that will work for you on a consistent basis.

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