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James Staddon

Like your analogy about butter and toast, @mr-quebec. Makes me hungry. 🙂

The clouds look like strokes of paint on a canvas, @blake! I can only imagine how awesome that sunset was. I LOVE sunsets too!

In this situation, I probably would have seen what I could do to include a little more silhouette foreground, all the way across the bottom. It puts a “foot” on the image. If there’s no interesting foreground to include, I like to make a small sliver of silhouette at the bottom. It makes the sky look vast and large. It’s what I have to do in Kansas a lot of times. 🙂 See attached. Thankfully, you had a lot more to work with than a sliver of moon and a few lonely trees in the distance.

Watch for dust bunnies that can be easily removed, the dark ones in the top left side and top middle, and the whitish spot on the far left middle.

Those are some things that I would do if this were my shot!


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