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Ben Glick

Hey, thanks so much for taking time to look at and determine some aspects these photo’s can grow in! I understand what you are saying and agree with a lot of your advice!

I think I’d play around with the crop on the first picture, perhaps cropping at the bottom so there’s a bit less of the blank whited out foreground.

Great advice! There probably isn’t a need for snow that isn’t coloring or adding to the photo to be in the photo! I will do my best to crop that just a touch more; one concern, the photo is a really high aperture already. I want to be careful not to have a photo that’s cut super short if that makes sense.

In the second picture, compositionally, I think it would’ve been nice to step back a bit and include more of the church, as well as more of the post of the mailbox. It looks cut off. 🙂 As far as editing goes, it would be nice to edit out the telephone wires if possible.

Super great stuff, awesome job noticing all these things, I had totally missed most of them! A couple things real quick, one, the intention of the photo was not to capture the church but was to have it in the background. The main focus of the photo was supposed to be in the road that was leading off into darkness, so to have the church completely in focus was never my intention. Two, again the mailbox had nothing to do with the road, or the focus of the photo. Later on I even tried to pull some attention away from it by masking it slightly in post-processing. However, it is wise to note that the cut of aspect does draw attention, I appreciate you noticing that, I will go back and rework that. There, you are absolutely right, telephone wires are my weakness, I had totally missed them and they really shouldn’t be there, thank you for pointing those out!

Again I appreciate you taking the time to look over and figure out how to make these photo’s better. Thank you Lydia.

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