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James Staddon

I just love the autumn feelings associated with this photo! I wouldn’t have guessed it was an HDR. That’s a good thing. It still looks very natural. Perhaps give it a bit more sharpness (unless it’s the JPG compression that makes it feel soft….soft, not out of focus)? The vignette is a bit heavy to me. I love the arrangement, the onions stacked like that and everything nestled down into the leaves, and some leaves haphazardly fallen upon the gourds. Maybe it would have been nice to see some element of the white gourd to make it seem more like a gourd (like the end or top)? But having something another color other than warm orange, yellow or red is really needed. This is the kind of photo I’d like to have in my collection! The background blur is tremendous too. Glad you got it even at f5.6.

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