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    Benjamin Holmes

    Buen día a la communidad de Lenspiration!

    Esta ves, we need photos to backdrop Joshua 1:9:

    Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

    Your submitted photos will be used as a background to the verse as part of our VersePics Ministry, and in this VPO, I’m asking for photos depicting courage, strength, boldness, and movement in that of going places. I have two ideas for you to pursue in terms of types of photos for you to submit and as either will work for this verse, feel free to choose which you would like to focus on! Thankfully, we have a bit of a longer deadline than usual, so you can try both ideas if you would like to!

    Idea numero uno: As a designer, when I think of boldness and courage, my mind jumps to the thought of contrast. Colors where you’d least expect them. People going out of their normal environments. Photographers going boldly where no one else has gone before! … That might be a little cheesy, but this challenge isn’t. You see, for a photo to work for a VP, there has to be enough contrast between the backdrop and the verse so that (a) the verse stands out and is what your eye is drawn toward and (b) you can read the text! In order to make sure that this contrast is in a VersePic, I often have to decrease a photo’s contrast! Thus, when I say “contrast,” I need you to recognize that I mean contrast in colors (being careful not to make the photo too busy or fill it with too much detail) or a contrast in subject (something out of place or where you wouldn’t expect it).

    Idea numero dos: As far as my second thought, I’d like to see photos utilizing the ideas that God is with us all the time, everywhere we go. He is omni-present! You can do this by showing people a location or environment (such as the city, the country, the mountains, the woods, ect…) or by showing people alone or in groups. This second idea is incredibly open-ended, so you have a lot of options as to how you want to make people think about God being present everywhere all of the time.

    Full details on submission rules, the RAW submission link (the DFR), what the images will be used for, and everything else will be found in the VersePic Opportunity FAQ page.

    Muchas gracias for your support!


    Sharpening Character’s VersePic Director

    — RECAP —

    Request: A photo to backdrop Joshua 1:9

    Photo ideas: Contrast, Exploration, Boldness, Courage,

    Deadline: Midnight, March 27th, 2018


    James Staddon

    Sounds like you’re into learning Spanish these days! 🙂 I’m going to keep this assignment in mind. For now, here’s a my submission from another random photoshoot last year.

    And so everyone can be in the loop, photos submitted for this assignment will be critiqued during the Photo Critique Webinar held on April 10 @ 7pm. Mark your calendars for now, I’ll include the registration link later!


    Benjamin Holmes

    Thanks, James!

    Sí. ¡Español es muy divertido!


    Sarah Lewis

    Here’s a few maybe what you were looking for? All taken @ the same location on the same day. 🙂

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