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    Benjamin Holmes

    Hello all! Episode 118 of the podcast will be releasing in the morning and along with it, the new VersePic!

    Just to start off, I went with James’ photo that I liked so much earlier. It embodied a lot of what I envisioned in the verse, and with some cropping and photoshopping, it played well with the text of the verse.

    The main idea I had with editing the photo was that I wanted everything to be clean without a ton of extra details and I really wanted the foreground to be a silhouette. With these two things in mind, I got the colors and exposure the way I wanted and got to work removing unecessary details like large plant stalks, stripes on shorts, and even straps on backpacks. The finished photo had a lot fewer details demanding my attention, so the focus stays on the larger elements of the photo, the mountains, sunset, people, or city, rather than being on the plants coming up in front of those larger elements.

    I’ll try to write out some thoughts on why I didn’t choose some of the other submissions tomorrow when it isn’t late and I’m not falling asleep!

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    James Staddon

    Thank you for participating everyone! It was very nice to have your input along the way, @bensharpeningcharacter. I was holding off submitting any of my own photos because I really do have a very unfair advantage, being a full-time photographer and all, but as we approached the last few hours till the deadline and hearing how you weren’t exactly finding what you were looking for, well, I figured it was worth a last-ditch effort to help you out.

    All the photos that were submitted though, I will take the time to address in the next Photo Critique webinar at 7pm on Tuesday, April 10. You can use the link to register now for it:

    Benjamin Holmes

    I already went into why I chose James’ photo of three people hiking up a mountain, but now, let’s get into why I didn’t choose some of the other photos.

    While the photo of the girl and the sunset is really cool, and somewhat does bring to mind God’s omnipresence with the sun coming through in that background, ultimately the photo was immediately disqualified simply because of how low the resolution was. Photos that are submitted need to be high quality to both give me the freedom to crop if I need to and because the VersePics are exported at a 2K resolution.

    As far as your other photos go, I liked the two with the person in it, but both had the subject much too far to the left for it to even show up on a phone, instantly disqualifying them. (I did try cropping the photos to see if they would work then, but the balance was totally off, so that didn’t work.) Additionally, there was a bit too much going on in the second photo with all the sticks and branches everywhere. With that much detail everywhere, I was worried that the verse would kind of get “lost” (your eye would consistently be distracted by the other details rather than be able to focus on the verse.). The other two photos just didn’t make me think of the verse, and again, the subject was a bit too far away from the center to show up on a phone.

    The main reason I didn’t choose your photos wasn’t that of a lack of resolution or quality, but simply because I couldn’t see how the verse tied into the photos.

    The photo of crocuses you showed on the forum was beautiful and just don’t get me started on all the other crocus shots you submitted through the DFR link! (You probably haven’t noticed, but I love crocuses.) Additionally, I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to submit RAW files! Ultimately, though, while I can understand why you think of courage when you see a crocus (thanks to you explaining it to me), I felt like it was just a little too much of a metaphor that most people viewing the VP wouldn’t see. Again, awesome photos regardless!

    Hopefully, this helps a little! Remember, photos submitted need to be at a high enough resolution for me to use (at LEAST 2666x2000px in a 4:3 landscape orientation) and the subject should show up when you crop the photo by 4:3 and then by 9×16. Usually, unless the subject is rather small, photos using the rule of thirds or with a centered subject will work just fine.

    Thank you all for your submissions and help with this month’s VP! Look out for a new VersePic Opportunity, coming soon.

    James Staddon

    Very helpful, @bensharpeningcharacter! Thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts! Maybe you could use the crocus for a future VP. 🙂

    James Staddon

    And oh, btw, I’ll be doing my own critique of the photos on the webinar tonight:

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