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    Ryan Madaris

    I got three photos with my drone, and then I stacked them in an editing program. It’s my first try, so I think I can do better. Any criticisms or ideas?


    Daniel Hancock

    What software do you use for HDR? The photograph is a little soft, so I’m guessing you had drone movement between the shots. Most programs have alignment options to help with that. Although I bracket all of my drone shots, I generally only choose one exposure, and adjust the highlights and shadows in lightroom to get a similar look. Shooting in RAW helps keep more of this info, if your drone supports this. There are free RAW converters available. It can be a pain to deal with ghosting (objects moving during your bracketing).


    Ryan Madaris

    @dhancock, I used a free app called iFoto HDR Lite. It’s not a very good software, because you can only stitch three photos together. I’m thinking about getting Lightroom sometime, though.


    James Staddon

    That’s a really creative shot, @rmadaris! Love the lone truck. Perhaps retain a little more contrast, especially on the light right side. I might add a slight vignette too.

    Hey @dhancock, you should share some of your drone shots!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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