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    Kimberly Snyder

    I shoot with a Canon Rebel T5i, the top was snapped with a 70-300mm lens in my front yard and the bottom with a 50mm prime inside a gift shop in Pawhuska, OK. I’m wondering if anybody has input on how I could have shot these better, or how to frame/compose flower shots better?



    James Staddon

    That first shot is epic! Great contrasting colors there in the second shot!

    > In the “glowing” shot, there is no intuitive subject.
    > Try pulling back a bit, including more surrounding foliage to emphasize that “tunnel” feeling, making the tunnel the subject
    > Or try zooming in a bit, including less of the framing elements on the right/left/top so that at first look it’s obvious that the flowers at the bottom are the subject.
    > This shot is inspiring to me. Makes me want to go out and try the same effect at golden hour on some lilies in Mom’s flower garden.

    Have you considered submitting this for the latest Shoot to Serve request?!

    > In the second shot, it feels as though the Clarity is turned up pretty high, conflicting with the softness of the blurry background.
    > There seems to be too much contrast in the background too, making it difficult to intuitively detect exactly what the main subject is, and pull it off the background.
    > Just really like the two lone blue roses sitting there in the midst of all the other other-colored flowers. 🙂

    Will be sure to critique these in more detail on Tuesday’s webinar!


    James Staddon

    Ok, so here are the details, @daughterofhim97. 🙂 Especially how I would edit the shots.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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