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    Jinny Schober

    Hey! Here is a pic of our horse! Any thoughts?
    Some settings where:

    Shutter Speed-1/15


    James Staddon

    Very creative! Love it.

    > It’s not tack sharp
    > Seems slightly underexposed
    > Perhaps step to the right a little bit more to make the angle a little less straight-on, increasing depth a little and perhaps eliminating your reflection in the eye


    Jinny Schober

    Thank you for your tips! I noticed it wasn’t tack sharp around the eye, but I just liked the pic 🙂 . It might be a little dark, I’ll have to experiment to see what I can see . She wasn’t being a very cooperative piece of horse-flesh, so I’m glad I just got a decent pic! It does have a big reflection, I thought it was an interesting part of the pic, but it may be a little distracting!


    James Staddon

    It should be fine for phone viewing and enjoyment, yes. I really do like the monochromatic color scheme and gradient of very dark on the right to warm and light on the left.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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