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    Dan Cope

    As I stepped from my vehicle and gathered my gear, the darkness of night was just beginning to give way to the unrelenting persistence of the approaching dawn. A half mile hike through thick mountain laurel brought me to Lindy Point in time for sunrise. Lindy Point is located in Blackwater Falls State Park in the highlands of West Virginia. The rocky overlook hangs on the edge of Blackwater Canyon high above the churning waters of the Blackwater River. At times the roar of fighter jets can be heard echoing off the surrounding slopes as military pilots practice their maneuvers in the canyon. But on this particular morning all was quiet as I climbed around on the rocks looking for a composition that would portray the beauty and majesty of this enchanting scene. I tried several positions and locations and finally settled on this particular spot with colored slabs of rock in the foreground and the canyon stretching away to the west. The sky was mostly overcast but as the sun rose behind me the golden beams slithered through an opening in the clouds and kissed the tops of the ridges along the canyon’s edge. Low hanging clouds were still catching some color from the rising sun and casting a subtle magenta glow over the whole scene. On a morning such as this and in a place so majestic it’s hard to imagine that anyone could believe that it all happened by chance! How much better to believe in and have a personal relationship with the One who created it all!

    My attempt here was to use the lines in the rocks to lead the eye into the canyon. I like the fact that the shape of the rocks on the right is subtly repeated in the hillside along the canyon. I’m wondering if my focal length of 12mm makes the canyon itself appear too distant.

    Nikon D7100
    1/3 sec
    ISO 100


    Daniel Hancock

    Nice shot! Your focal length is great. I might have moved a little to the right, to give a little more space on that depression that is touching the edge of the frame. However, that is just a little nitpick, you captured the scene nicely!


    Dan Cope

    Thanks! You’re right I should have shifted to the right just a bit. I had already thought of that, so I agree with your “little nitpick”!😀


    Melanie Thomsen

    Great shot, @dancope. The 12mm gives me the feeling of the immensity of the location, more like I’m actually sitting or standing on the rocks. Whether you’d want a different focal length or not probably just depends on the message you were hoping to communicate.


    James Staddon

    Love it, @dan-cope!

    How did you capture both streaked, moving clouds (on the right) and still, textured clouds (on the left) in the same sky? Is this a photo merge?

    Do you have an online portfolio anywhere where folks could go to buy it as fine art?


    Ryan Madaris

    Personally, I think it’s great, although I do agree with @dhancock. I like the way you centered the canyon in the frame.


    Dan Cope

    Thanks for the comments! @jamesstaddon I did blend two exposures, one for the foreground and one for the sky. However the sky itself is only one exposure taken at 1/5 sec. The foreground was exposed at 1/3. At this point I have not established an online portfolio where I can sell my photos.


    James Staddon

    Well those are some pretty nice clouds!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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