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    Ryan Madaris

    This is a photo I took a few months ago at Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains national park. Any thoughts?

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    Silas Woodward

    hi @rmadaris
    Nice photo I as you know I live about 30 min away from cades cove and have gone there a few times and it is always amazing
    my only thoughts are on the right side of the road there seems to be some gravel dust like a car just went by I would have waited a little bit until it blew away other than that it looks fine

    Lydia Bennett

    Hey @rmadaris, that certainly is a beautiful scene! Very nice.
    In shooting it, I may have gotten a bit lower to the ground to “feel” the foreground area better. Editing, maybe bring up the clarity & sharpen it a little bit. Also, I think I’d edit out that thing far down the road (a truck?); it’s difficult to tell what it is, and doesn’t really add to the photo by remaining there.

    Ryan Madaris

    @silas, thank you! The dust was from another vehicle, as you suspected. @bennett-family, thank you! Yes, it is another vehicle. Thanks for pointing it out.

    James Staddon

    Fantastic location! Where were you standing in Google Maps?

    Feel free to jump in on the webinar on the 12th, let me know you’re on, and I’ll critique your photo in detail!

    Ryan Madaris

    @jamesstaddon, I was somewhere in the area of 35.600619, -83.823867. Thanks!

    Ben Glick

    Hey Ryan! Man, this is a great photo! I have never personally been to Cades Cove but I looked it up on google maps and it looks wonderful!

    A couple things on your photo real quick, first off – What a great photo man! I am super impressed by the angle and the setting! Just a great photo in general!

    Technical Issues – I don’t understand what’s up with your focus on this photo, while it is pretty, nothing is in focus, not blurred, but not in focus either… Like its just weird to look at it, cause your searching for the part of the photo that’s in focus and preparing for that SHA-BLAM! effect. But there is none.

    The in focus issue is a pretty small problem though, I would fix this by adding sharpness, tinge, shading, deepening, darkening, clarity, vibrance. .. etc, any of these can pretty easily get rid of your problem.

    Also I don’t know what everyone else thinks about doing this, but I would totally turn your saturation up! Your photo seems very, like… brown to me. That’s not nessicarily a bad thing, it would just add to the viewer appeal more though if you added more color to the photo!

    One more thing, I don’t know if you do or have, this photo looks really raw to me, did you edit it at all? If you didn’t, you might want to consider doing that like after you’ve taken the photo, you often don’t need to edit much, but often times, a little editing, goes a LONG way.

    Other than like a few small other technical problems, I totally love this photo! Good luck on editing and everything! Best of luck.

    (Below I have attached a photo for reference for maybe some future editing ideas?)

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    Ryan Madaris

    Ben, thanks! The main reason for the ‘brown-ness’ is that I took this photo back at the end of fall, so the colors were pretty much non-existent. I did edit it, although I could go back and edit it some more. Again, thanks for your insight!

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