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    Joshua Ong

    In addition to the miniature green and red chilies, my family grows the Hungarian variety. This pepper species together with okra seem to thrive in our garden. In order to illustrate the large size of these vegetables, I decided to compare them to an American one-dollar bill. Please let me know your thoughts on the picture. Thanks.

    1/30 sec.
    ISO 80


    Ryan Madaris

    Interesting! Depending on your purpose for the picture, I would take it in one two different ways. If you’re wanting an ‘artistic’ feel to the photograph, I would get down a bit lower and take the photo at an angle. If you were wanting a ‘documentary’ feel, I would get directly above the okra and pepper, put them and the dollar bill on a solid background (such as black or white) and use some supplemental lighting.

    I like your idea too use the dollar bill to show the size!


    Joshua Ong

    Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. In conjunction with the posted picture, I did take another shot, closer to the subjects and at an angle. The problem with the photo is that the chili looks somewhat out of focus.


    James Staddon

    Good point, @rmadaris! Depends on how artistic of a shot you’re going for. The first shot is a better documentary shot because it’s sole purpose is to show the relative size of the peppers.

    For a more artistic approach, the second shot is better because it begins to introduce some depth and diagonal lines. From an artists perspective, I may have flipped the bottom pepper the opposite direction and had the curved “tail” wrap around the circled “1” dollar on the bill or something….or played with the light or different perspectives or backgrounds and so forth and so on.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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