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    blessings captured

    I’m trying to learn more about editing my raw images in Lightroom.

    Do you ever use the tone curve? And how? Do you use the presets (medium contrast,strong contrast)? Does it do the same things as the sliders in the basic panel?

    Thank you for any advice about the tone curve or raw editing in general!


    James Staddon

    Great question!

    I actually have not used the tone curve very much, though I probably should more.

    I would consider it an advanced panel. It’s used for a lot of different things I think, though mainly adding contrast and removing color casts (both locally and globally). It’s extremely powerful and gives you ability to do things that aren’t available elsewhere in Lightroom, but it’s just a matter of understanding how to use it.

    This article shows how it works,

    This video is also good, showing more details about how it works,

    And this is a good video about how it’s used in real life situations,


    James Staddon

    I didn’t watch this one all the way through, but it appears to be a good answer to your question about what makes Curves different than what you could do in the Basic panel,


    blessings captured

    Thanks a lot! I’ll check them out and come back with any questions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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