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    Blessings Captured

    My Dad and I are trying to make some creation/flood YouTube videos.  Dad’s the visionary and I’m the filmmaker. 

    Now I’m looking for a video editing program.  I have Windows Movie Maker. But was wondering if there was anything better,  either free or low cost. I want to be able to add a second camera, plug in pictures, change out the audio, and add text overlay.
    Does anyone know of a good program?

    David Frazer

    If you want a single free tool that can do just about anything video editing related, you should look at Davinci Resolve. It is available on Linux Mac and Windows.

    If you are going to do anything 3d look at Blender, also available on all three major platforms. Both are free, but Davinici is more video and colour correction oriented and Blender is more 3d rendering oriented. Blender will take longer to learn.

    You will need a powerful computer with plenty of storage for any major video project.

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    Blessings Captured

    Thanks! I’ll check out Davinci Resolve.

    Our computer is older but it does have plenty of storage on the hard drive. When you try to run Lightroom and Photoshop at the same time it will sometimes crash.

    Ezra Morley

    The best upgrade I could possibly recommend for an older computer (especially if you’re going to do heavy video work) is to put in a new SSD instead of the old platter-based HDD. You should see a dramatic improvement in performance just with that simple upgrade. RAM would be next on the list, because video/photo editing takes a lot of RAM. (Depending on your other specs, such as CPU cores and speed, it might be better/cheaper to upgrade your whole computer than to try to eke more life out of an outdated machine.)

    I’ve used Lightworks quite a lot for video work, and it can do everything you want, plus a lot more! (It has a steep learning curve as well, which is fairly typical of any advanced video editor.) The free version is limited to 720p output though…

    Blessings Captured

    The computer that we have is a hp intel core i3 pavilion. I also included a screen shot of the device specification.

    I don’t know that much about technical things. So thanks!

    Martha Lapp

    One of my friends recently downloaded filmora9, and they were happy with it… it’s basically a video editor for windows and Mac. I’m not sure what the price is though..

    Blessings Captured

    Thank you for everyone’s advice!

    I’ve downloaded Davinci Resolve and am in the process of learning to use it.

    James Staddon

    It was really fun to hear everyone’s replies to this question. 🙂 Glad there are free options out there.

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