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    Emily Haight

    Hey y’all! I took this picture earlier this year, and my goal was to take a more artsy picture of the violin, and the violinist. But I didn’t want to take a traditional portrait that would show the violinist face because the focus is just supposed to be on the violin.

    Anyway I could of set this up better, had her hands differently, edited it differently or used some better camera settings??

    Thanks a bunch!:)

    Nikon D5000
    ISO 250

    (I’m not sure why I had the shutter speed so high? That definitely could’ve been lowered 😬)


    Jinny Schober

    That’s a neat picture, I play violin, and two of my sisters do as well! 🙂 The center-crop is nice, but I probably would have taken it on a third. The colors are really great, I like them a lot! If the shutter speed had been down a little, you could have lowered your ISO some. It is nice to find someone else that says y’all, and shoots with Nikon!! 😉


    Caitlin Compton

    Hi @emilyhaight

    Great job! I love your picture! 🙂 The richest of the colours really stand to me and I like the pose of having the violin as the subject but still including a person.

    I did have a few ideas of some things you could do to make it better! To me it looks as though it’s tilting to the left a bit and isn’t quite dead center. I also found the white top poking out a bit distracting and the button (beacuse they’re bright white!) Plus, I found my eye being drawn to the little berries on the bush. I thought that removing these in Lightroom might simplify the photo – drawing your eye just to the violin! I quickly edited it in Lightroom with some of my suggestions. Also, (just being very picky 🙁 ) I found the placement of the 2 fingers almost making an arrow a bit distracting, but hey I’m the queen of doing things like that and then noticing them later! 🙂

    Anyway, just some thoughts! I really love the picture! My sister and I play violin, too, and have been planning on going outside to get pictures with it!


    James Staddon

    I feel like I should know how to play the violin! 🙂 Way to think outside the box! Let me see what I can come up with, and we’ll showcase this photo on the webinar tomorrow! Here’s the registration link:


    James Staddon

    And here’s a replay from last Tuesday’s webinar! For the critique of this photo, start at around minute 31:58. It was fun to talk about ways of improving the shot!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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